We take care of your investment

We provide you with a professional towing service that treats your investment like it’s our own. We have locations in Ottawa, Vars and Calgary.


Fast, Reliable and available 24/7

We are a reliable towing service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee the safe transport of your broken down equipment.

Quality of work & professionalism

All of our operators are trained to ensure quality and professionalism at all times. We also have 3 dispatchers to assist you anytime and 3 managers to take care of the day to day operations.


4 locations in Canada to serve you

We have 2 locations in Ottawa near the 417 in order to insure a prompt response time to all clients in that area. We also have a location in Calgary that now allows us to serve anywhere in Canada.



We are focused on providing you with professional heavy towing and recovery services.

Strong Arm Recovery was founded by FrankDorval in 2011. Frank had been towing for over 17 years and decided that it was time for new ambitions. He purchased his first towing truck, a 2012 Kenworth T370 with a 20 Ton NCR Slider, that would kick off his business. After its first year in operation, the company saw a rapid increase in demand for its services. It expanded its fleet accordingly – with the purchase of a 2014 Kenworth T800 with a 30 Ton NRC Slider and a Kenworth T800 Quickswap. With these three trucks the company is capable of handling any task at hand and can provide a service like no other in Ottawa and Calgary. Please feel free to call us 24/7 for fast and efficient service.


We have a range of towing trucks that allows us to take on any kind of towing job.

30 Ton Lifting Capacity

23 Drivers

21 Towing Trucks of Various Capacity